About the ELEVATE UC Trials

Thank you for your interest in the ELEVATE UC trials!

The ELEVATE UC program consists of two worldwide clinical trials and an open-label extension study to test how an oral investigational medication (etrasimod) works in patients with UC.

This investigational medication has been tested before in small numbers of healthy volunteers and in patients with medical conditions, including UC. For these studies, the investigational medication is being tested in a larger group of patients. This investigational medication has not been approved for commercial use for a specific condition by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We’re looking for participants to take part in this important research, intended to improve UC symptoms and treatment. Participants will be treated by GI specialists at centers worldwide.

The investigational medication being studied in the
ELEVATE UC trials is a pill, taken orally once per day.

The ELEVATE UC trials are evaluating an oral investigational medication which may have the potential to help treat UC